Brayanm Cordova Heredia posted an update

This my style Ive been nurturing from the ground up for years. I got my own logo and everything is under me and me only. I make all the beats from scratch, bars, and chorus from scratch. I started out underground and Ive been molding all the aspects of Hip-Hop all around me. Tradition and culture run in my bloodstream as a hispanic mc, I’ve always had music in my genes. I love all genres, movement don’t have a specific rhythm. Definitely struggling living in this slave world, I feel like its just me with demons trying to ruin my consistency. I got the torch mic though scorching through these foggy times. I would also definitely light up and feature with you any day Buck, one love!

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Buck Price posted an update @dan @Kingof1@DjSessions@GrandArchitectGroup@fab3r@Slice1 check out this,I need your support guys, your All know am still coming up I promise to keep it