UPG Tier 2 Membership – $500 Per Annum (50% Discount)

This membership gets you in the same virtual room as your business and creative superheroes!

Membership is 12 months, and for a limited time is discounted to $500 Per Annum (50% Discount). This pricing will be secured for the lifetime of your subscription remaining active.

  • Limited time offer: 50% off
  • Membership Mondays: A personalized touch and help from the UPG team and partners, with member spotlights and networking.
  • Mindset: Content from, and access to some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, business people, creators, and innovators.
  • Member Portal: Tools, resources, and educational material from UPG and partners, including live UPG Events & Learning Content.
  • Access to Unified City events: Access to entertainment and education events, along with recordings from previous events.
  • 20% off UPG Digital Assets: Whether space in Unified City, an internal NFT, or an NFT under our management, members get 20% off.
  • Early Access: Be the first to know and get access to backstage or VIP experiences in Unified City.