The secret to sky-high earnings power and landing more customers than you know what to do with, is knowing the “right” people who’ll connect you to the right tools, talent and resources.

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World Champion Net-Worker, Dan Hendry invites you to join “The ConnecttA” private network and get access to industry insiders – and growth experts – that’s taken decades to build up.

I’m The ConnecttA and I’m going to show you the seven moves, to create wealth, impact the world, and build a self-sustainable future proof BIG business.

Hey, It’s Dan here, and I’m The ConnecttA.

And I’m about to show you the fastest route to unlocking your true purpose…

And living an abundant and purpose driven life.

Without the countless hours head deep in a pool of pain and endless pressure.

Feeling drained, and stressed out…


It’s a simple formula that if applied correctly can earn…

More money.
That is more predictable, satisfying, consistent and reliable.
That’ll give you more freedom.
More time with family.
More days off, doing the things you love.

And along the way…

You’ll make a whole lot of wealthy friends.

And Heck… you might even find love.

I mean, I did.

But it wasn’t always that way for me.

You see there I was…

Broke, depressed and verging on being homeless, with 2 kids and a dog.

And mighty close to living in my clapped out old ford car.

I had no idea of what the fuck I was going to do next.

Life was grinding at me.

And tearing me down.

I was like a ticking time bomb.

Ready to explode into a million shattered pieces.

I’d had enough of this endless shame and guilt.

And constantly feeling I’d let everyone in my life down.

I was a mess.

I was in a permanent state of panic and despair.

Waking up each day more Jekyll than Hyde.

With repressed feelings and horrible guilt.

I was incapable of seeing myself as anything more than this complete failure who was stuck in a lifeless rut.

Paddling around in circles with no hope of getting out of a permanent shit storm.

Brewing around me.

I was stuck in this horrible vortex…

Watching my confidence being sucked away like a vampire milking the vain of a defenceless mink.

What had I become?

I was scared, lonely and totally lost.

I felt extremely out of control.

And I was spending each day locked in a self-loathing obsession.

“Why not just pull the trigger and bombs away?”

And rid myself of this anxiety and depression.


You see, I never told anyone how I was feeling or what I was going through…

I just toughed it out, too embarrassed to talk about it.

Then one day it dawned on me.

Why am I stuck in this perpetual, endless nightmare?

Of stupidity, guilt and shame.

When I have access to some of the world’s biggest and best entrepreneurs the world has even seen.

Who’ve made more money.

Than, Bad Ass Baron Von Steuben.

***Who even the fuck he was***

But jokes aside

Let me put it this way.

I was the most connected, plugged in, tapped on Mother Fucker I knew.

I mean, I’ve got front row seats to the biggest names in hip hop.

The smartest minds in property.

The most innovative tech players…

At the forefront of the next big wave in tech.

I mean all the major players in Web3, Business, and Technology.

We’re only a DM away.

You see when you’ve spent as much time as I have…

Down in the trenches…

Hustling, chasing and studying the art and seeing first hand how to get shit to work.

You work out…

What works.

And what is a stupid waste of time.

You work out how to connect to the right tools, talent and resources.
To build a rocket ship self-sustainable future proof BIG business.

To grow and accumulate wealth.

See, when you’ve touched the dark side.

And come out on top.

You learn…

That all it takes is a purpose driven mindset and real connections to the best players there is.

And get up and go to take yourself to the next level UP.

And…as my footy coach once said…

Man up Dan!

(there’s probably something in that)

 Want to connect to the right tools, talent and resources?

I am The ConnecttA. A Mega Hit Maker…

A Middle Man if you like.
You see, from pirates to merchant princes, and raiders to its robber barons, booming businesses were made by middle men.

Sure, we celebrate the pioneers, inventors and trailblazers, the guys who sailed the ships or settled the frontier.

But, as magnificent as the amber waves of grain may be of golden-colored wheat that criss-crossed the new frontiers, it takes a fleet of middle men to make them profitable.

And, when it came to making those businesses boom, it took the middlemen rainmakers buying grain and selling shovels, wheeling and dealing with the right tools, talent and resources to pull it all together.

Today’s middle men are smack-dab in the middle of a fresh renaissance.

With platforms and apps like Uber and AirBnB that use tech to connect you to the source…

These cutting-edge wonders of the sharing economy.

Are tools of the middle men trade.

But at the end of the day, they’re doing what middle men have always done: connecting buyers to sellers.

I am The ConnecttA and I will connect you to all the right tools, talent and resources you’ll even need.

To build your purpose driven booming business.

But before we get there…

Let me tell you…

American capitalism was founded on the middle men.

But, when it comes to making a business profitable, it’ll take more than buying favors or selling shovels.

You see, when your values align to your purpose.

The fight or flight mindset that’s pulling you down.

Holding you hostage to unresolved childhood trauma.


You find clarity, direction and calmness.

And a true sense of a life worth living.

It’s like seeing beyond our limiting self-destructive-selves.

And transitioning to a place filled with meaning.

When you sign up to The Future Program

You’ll learn how to overcome the internal struggle of limiting beliefs and tap into an abundant and purpose driven mindset.

And like me, you’ll find your true calling.

And gain access to the next wave of tech entrepreneurs building the new web frontier.

You see here I was tapped in and connected to a Main-Man Ken Blake, AKA BuckShot the founder and chief of DuckDown Records.

A man with 30+ years at the center of the Hip Hop music and entertainment industry.

A true founding father of Hip Hop…

That comes from an era filled with incredible creativity.

His wisdom, foresight and future you focus…

Has put me in the box seat of the next big moves in creativity.

It’s with Buckshot we founded Unified Purpose Global.

With a mission to help those amongst us find their true purpose and guide them toward their own abundance…

And show them another way to build the next big wave of future focused technology.

Our community focused Social-Learning Marketplace is a place to connect the best talent to opportunities & people to experiences.

It’s already attracted some of the big names in Music, Art, and Fashion

And opened up a vast network of high-profile business influences, entertainers, and technology experts like…

Mark Anthony Bates, Grant Cardone, and John Legere to name a few.

With the help of endorsements like these, we’ve built our own Unified Virtual City.

An ecosystem to help showcase the vast talent, products, and services showcased by businesses and creatives.

Displayed in their very own Virtual Space in our Unified City.

It’s helped build relationships with…

Dan Mapes Co-Founder at (The Spatial Web)

Peter Scott Chairman of PDSI Group (Smart Cities)

Ben Coorey CEO at Archistar (Property Development Technology)

Fabrizio Gramuglio, the exponential organization consulting and coaching guru.

And connect our vast infrastructure to a network of other business and technology innovators who form a natural incubator…

To foster the many purpose-driven technology projects.

And future-proof wealth creation investment opportunities.

I welcome you to sign up to the FUTURE YOU PROGRAM
A place of equality, equity and unity…

Where future leaders unlock their creativity and imagination by taking part in the partner programs.

And bring an idea to life with the help of other like minded members…

So whether you contribute, participate or build your own project.

I can guarantee you’ll take yourself to the next level and find your true purpose driven idea that’ll change history.

And along the way morph into a new modern day jet fighter with a heart of gold and a mind of steel.

P.S One thing is for sure, if you take up this offer you will get.

A front row seat to all the power brokers in new web economy.

The best property deals.

The largest wealth creating ideas.

And a life changing moment that will impact you and your family’s life forever.

Our Vision is to make a positive impact on the people, companies and entrepreneurs we serve and deliver a premium service by continually training, encouraging and developing our workers, using the most innovative technologies, and the most effective, agile and sustainable solutions.


Our sole focus is on one thing: helping you save money without sacrificing quality.

Tony Fawaz

How We Go About It

Personal Help When You Need It

If you want more time, more money and freedom…consistently …we can definitely help. See why this is different and better than anything else you might have tried before.

The Outsourcer

To save you massive amounts of money without sacrificing time, and quality work.

Building A Solid Base of Qualified Customers.

We make it a whole lot easier, smoother, less stressful, more gratifying and much more predictable.

To get started, take the tools, talent and resources tour and we’ll match you with a Virtual Assistant that will oversee
and manage all this for you,

for as little as $100 a week.


Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and Video Editing.

Creating, Editing, uploading content to Website and Social Media.

Flyers, letterheads, logo designs and ebooks.

Technical Expertise.

SEO, PPC, SSM, Google Analytics, Keywords
Driving so much traffic

And Articles. As in, “stuff that will help you.


Accounting, Bookkeeping & Data Entry.

CRM, calendar, subscription services managment
Travel and Transport Arrangements.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports.

Software Development.

For startups and entrepreneurs who want product that their users will love.

Transforming your ideas into successful and scalable products.

We guarantee that you will be 100% over the moon happy with the results we get for you!

The Resource Centre.

If you’re thinking about, considering or ready to start your outsourcing journey…

Here’s everything you’ll need.

Read insightful outsourcing articles.

Interesting and Informative videos.

Tools &