UPG Early Access Token

Infinite UPG Marketplace Early Access Pass which includes access to a private discord channel for direct early access to UPG Marketplace & Management NFTs, as well as 3D OBJ & USDZ Files for 3D or AR viewing or printing. As a bonus, the initial purchasers receive tier 2 UPG membership valued at over $1,000.

Buckshot BDI Thug

Who better to help launch UPG than Buckshot? His contribution to music and independent artists is now being extended and about to explode through UPG.

This NFT provides a glimpse of the additional digital assets that musicians can provide to their fans, with Buckshot providing 6 new tracks, 3D/AR platinum plaque, 3D/AR Album Art, 3D/AR Duckdown trophy. Stay tuned for drop date!

How to setup a Metamask and buy ETH

MetaMask is one of the most popular browser extensions that serves as a way of storing your Ethereum and other ERC-20 Tokens. The extension is free and secure, and it allows web applications to read and interact with Ethereum’s blockchain.