Vision & Mission

Connecting Talent to Opportunities and People to Experiences

Our Vision

At Unified Purpose Global (UPG), we believe that every person has the potential to succeed in life and that opportunities should not be limited based on status. Our mission is to unite people and to deliver motivation, learning, technologies, and opportunities to the front doorstep of every person, family, and community we can reach.

Our Purpose

UPG exists as a social learning marketplace, with a foundation of creativity and independence. We are driven by connecting people’s purpose, skills, or knowledge to marketplace opportunities and projects. We understand the need for adaptability in the face of environmental and technological change and thus, leverage and connect recognised industry tools and resources.

Our Community

We strive to bring together a community of creative and purpose-driven individuals and businesses. These individuals and businesses are typically balanced in their views and prioritize meaning, ethics and impact in their work. Our goal is to help these people become sustainably financially secure, so that they can focus on supporting their local communities.

An Ecosystem of Opportunity

Our vision is to grow into a unified distributed community through decentralized peer to peer technologies with a strong emphasis on consent-based data sharing. We aim to support projects born in the UPG ecosystem and connect our web3 economics and metaverse to the real world. Our extensive network in entertainment, music, business, property, technology and more, enables us to make growth in the marketplace easier for our community.

Join the Movement

By pushing the domino, we can enable freedom and security together. Join us in creating a decentralized, self-sovereign platform that empowers individuals to take control of their own learning and career development, while also providing access to a global network of resources, experts, and opportunities.