Vision & Mission

We are Unifying the Talent and Innovation of the world To Enable Creativity and Freedom. 

Why Does UPG Exist?

Unified Purpose Global exists to unite people and technologies to deliver motivation, learning, and opportunities to the front doorstep of every person, family, and community we can reach, because every person has the potential to succeed in life and opportunities should not be limited based on status. 

The world’s first Social, Learning, Marketplace for NFTs and De-Fi. 

The UPG roadmap is extensive and built with a foundation of creativity and independence. It’s driven by connecting people’s purpose, skills, or knowledge to marketplace opportunities and projects. We are prepared for environmental and technological change by leveraging and connecting recognised industry tools and resources.

Welcome to creative and purpose-driven artists & entrepreneurs

Welcome To Creative and purpose-driven artists & entrepreneurs are the ideal people to join the UPG mission. Typically, they are De-Fi freedom fighters who chose meaning, ethics and impact over greed and corruption. Our goal is to help these people become sustainably financially secure, so the focus becomes how to support their local communities. 

Come be social, learn, be creative, do business, and pay it forward!

Our vision is to grow into a unified distributed community through decentralized peer to peer technologies with a strong emphasis on consent-based data sharing. Our goal is to create an impact Surplus funds generated within UPG eco-system directed into a decentralized impact fund learning scholarships and fund projects born in UPG

Be SOCIAL and LEARN from the greats so you can profit in the MARKETPLACE

The Domino has been pushed, let’s enable freedom & security, together!