Our Digital Wealth Program began in FY 2012-2013 and is based in New York City. This program was founded by Mr Kenyatta Blake also known to the entertainment industry as renowned Hip Hop pioneer Buckshot. Mr Blake grew up in what most would consider “tough” neighborhoods, and can still very much relate to hardship faced by so many today. He is an influential figure who uses his time to show others the formulas behind how he was able to advance from hardship to becoming very successful in many areas, and the circumstances of his own personal journey out has motivated him to reach back and help others to achieve comparable success through a process he invented called Solution Prep, by which we learn to teach ourselves the best ways to prepare for and deal with life’s challenges proactively as opposed to simply being reactive to them.
Our goal is always to deliver these messages and formulas for success via City and Municipal Programs. We team up with other programs and initiatives that deal directly with specific segments of the population who would benefit from what our program offers. Some examples of other programs we partner with include Man Up, which deals with troubled youth that are male in particular, based in Brooklyn NY and SOS (Save Our Streets), with chapters in Brooklyn and The Bronx, dealing with violence in general.
 It’s very hard to strive for a future you can not imagine” says Mr Blake, who also co-founded Duck Down Music, one of the Hip Hop music industries’ largest brands. Duck Down continues to thrive and release new talent regularly after nearly 30 years, which highlights the reason why Mr Blake is so well versed in communicating solutions-oriented messages that lead to success and a positive self-image and financial stability, leading the way to a better “future you”.