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Our initiative, the Future You Program, is aimed at providing comprehensive education and training to individuals in various communities. The program is built on three key pillars – Mindset & Life Skills, Self-Education and Business Development, and Web3 Exponential Organizations.


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  • MONTHLY COACHING: Interactive live sessions with our management team, and guest domain subject experts.
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Intro To UPG & Future You

The Future You Program’s website features an Introduction & Program Overview, a Commitment to the Program (Clarity Tool), information about Future You Events, and an overview of UPG Road Map & Partnerships.

Personal Growth

The Changed Landscape module provides insight into the evolving business and job landscape while Go Big & Create Wealth focuses on finding purpose and passion. Mindset To Design Life helps define objectives, and covers Goal Setting & OKR’s. Your Mission & Manifesto defines your mission and values.

Business 101 & Networking

Includes lessons on Business 101 & Networking, How to leverage Purpose & Passion through The Success Loop, develop a Knowledge Business, grow a community and create a Mastermind group. Additionally, Online Marketing 101 will teach you how to use Your Value Ladder to increase sales.

Exponential Business

This section covers Industry 4.0 and exponential growth, provides an overview of the ExO business model, breaks down ExO attributes, and discusses the impact of implementing ExO attributes in business, along with consulting services for implementing ExO attributes using Web3 technology.

Spatial Web (Web 3.0)

Introduction to the concept of the Spatial Web, detailed overview of the Spatial Web and its capabilities, explanation of HSTP and HSML protocols that enable Spatial Web functionality, Use cases for the Spatial Web in various industries, Discussion of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies in relation to the Spatial Web.