Proposal for Future You Program in New York City Schools

Our initiative, The Future You Program is a proposal for a contract to be provided in New York City schools directly, as well as through extracurricular activities. The program is designed to address a range of challenges that students face, including a lack of leadership foundations in the local neighborhoods, uncertainty about future career prospects, and limited access to resources and opportunities.


Many young people in New York City lack the guidance and support they need to navigate the complex landscape of education and career development. They may struggle to find mentors, role models, or programs that help them explore their interests and pursue their goals. Additionally, the rapid pace of change in the business world can be overwhelming, leaving many students feeling uncertain about their future prospects.


The Future You Program, developed by UPG.Social, aims to empower students with the knowledge, tools, and network they need to succeed. The program offers a digital wealth focus, encouraging communication between students and parents, and is available in multiple languages. Additionally, the program will have its own digital twin, connected to the Unified City network, providing a unique learning experience.


The Future You Program is an innovative and comprehensive approach to preparing New York City students for success in their education and careers. By providing a range of resources and tools, the program empowers young people to pursue their passions, develop their skills, and build a bright future. With a focus on digital and multilingual accessibility, the program is designed to reach as many students as possible and provide a unique and engaging learning experience.

Intro To UPG & Future You

Intro To UPG & Future You: The program starts with an introduction to UPG.Social and an overview of the Future You Program. It includes a Commitment to the Program (Clarity Tool) to help students identify their goals and a preview of Future You Events. Additionally, the program provides an overview of UPG Road Map & Partnerships.

Personal Growth

This module focuses on personal growth, including an overview of the evolving business and job landscape. The changed Landscape module provides insight into current and future trends, while Go Big & Create Wealth helps students identify their purpose and passion. Mindset To Design Life helps define objectives and covers Goal Setting & OKR’s. Your Mission & Manifesto defines your mission and values..

Business 101 & Networking

This section provides lessons on Business 101 & Networking, including how to leverage Purpose & Passion through The Success Loop. Students will learn how to develop a Knowledge Business, grow a community, and create a Mastermind group. Additionally, Online Marketing 101 teaches how to use Your Value Ladder to increase sales.

Exponential Business

This section covers Industry 4.0 and exponential growth. It provides an overview of the ExO business model, breaks down ExO attributes, and discusses the impact of implementing ExO attributes in business. Additionally, consulting services are available for implementing ExO attributes using Web3 technology.

Spatial Web (Web 3.0)

The final section introduces the concept of the Spatial Web and provides a detailed overview of its capabilities. It explains HSTP and HSML protocols that enable Spatial Web functionality, use cases for the Spatial Web in various industries, and a discussion of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies in relation to the Spatial Web.


We propose a partnership with the New York City public school system to provide the Future You Program directly in schools and through extra-curricular activities. We request funding to cover the cost of program implementation, subject matter expert engagement, and equipment to support program delivery. Our team will work closely with schools to ensure program success and monitor the impact on students.

As of the 2021-2022 school year, there were roughly 213,000 students enrolled in grades 6-8 (junior high school) in the New York City public school system. We have analyzed our program deliverables and calculated the price per student in Junior High, which is presented in the table below:


As we have seen, there is a pressing need for leadership and guidance in the local neighborhoods to provide opportunities for youth. The lack of certainty regarding future careers is also a major concern, as many students are unaware of the future of business and jobs due to changes in technology advancements. To address these issues, we propose the implementation of UPG.Social Future You Program in New York City schools.

Our goal is to help students develop a growth mindset and prepare them for the future of work. We believe that investing in youth is crucial for the economic and social success of our communities. We hope that our proposal will receive careful consideration, and we look forward to partnering with the New York City public school system to make a meaningful impact on the lives of young people.