Hey UPG Fam! 

You should know by now, that we are passionate about helping people to obtain the knowledge and tools needed to progress today, while preparing for the future. We also understand that it will require collective wisdom due to how fast the world and technology is moving!

So, what we are doing is launching masterminds focused on four main categories of creativity, personal growth, business, and innovation, to help us all Unify and achieve together! For the next 3 months it’s all about NFTs & De-Fi. 

Regarding the UPG Masterminds, if you would like to contribute knowledge/content an NFT or De-Fi expert, and surround yourself with likeminded experts, then visit www.nftsmasterminds.com to register your interest as a contributor. 

If you’re here to learn, prior to our masterminds kicking off, and to help get you started, you can visit https://upg.social/nft-learning/ to view curated online content from 3rd parties. Members will gain full access to the live and recorded content, so, if you would like to become a member then email dan@unified.global for more information, or just keep an eye out for our next post to sign up directly. 

We’re looking forward to sharing more of our plans and overserving the legends getting behind the mission at UPG! 

Peace out, The Connector.