Why UPG NFT Management Exists

UPG NFT management is for those wanting to save time, money, and energy entering into the NFT space. 

We offer help managing the process, and improving the value of your offerings by blending web 3.0 like the 3D & Augmented Reality UPG Logo on this screen (Click the 3D box, bottom right side of the object to view AR on your phone)

What do you get with UPG NFT Management?

We have a standard NFT management process in place, with additional extras available for people that would like additional value creation, whether that is 3D files, promotion, or distribution for your NFTs. At a high level, the process and what you receive is:

  • Understand your history and portfolio (Confirm ownership)
  • Branding review & strategy formation.
  • Creation of your NFT assets & offer
  • Publishing and NFT release event. 

Who consider NFT Management?

If you want to enter the world or NFTs and decentralized finance (De-Fi) faster and easier, then UPG management is the best solution for you to consider within the UPG offerings. 

If you are a creator, whether it be Music, Art, Design (2D/3D), and in digital or physical format, then you are an ideal candidate for UPG NFT Management. 

How to engage in our NFT Management services?

Investing in yourself is essential to your commitment to goals coming to fruition. Sometimes it is just better for your time and sanity for someone else to do the job! 

If you would like a more hands off approach, the UPG Management al-la-carte service can be applied for via the form below. 

If you would prefer to learn and be more hands on, then the UPG Membership is more suitable.  

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