Welcome to UPG.Social

Thank you for joining the next evolution in social currency, collaborative learning, as ideas flow seamlessly into a modern day digital marketplace to be monetise your knowledge and skills.

We’re excited to kick things off in the coming month and will update the site with a news article as we are getting closer to launch (Remember we’re in BETA). Any feedback is welcome through a direct message to Dan or Dennis, or via email support@unified.global

Here is what we have in store:

  • UPG.Social Web Application BETA launch (10 users 12th August > 100 users 20th August > 1,000 users 30th September)
  • First UPG NFTs with Ken Blake, John Legere, and Jillian Leigh on 17th August (EDT).
  • ExO Masterminds (Business Innovation) with OpenExO in early September
  • UPG.Social Mobile App BETA – Late September.

And much more we will share in our newsletters and posts, have an awesome day and let us know when we’re needed or you see an opportunity to grow together!

Thanks again for your support,
The UPG Team

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