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Purpose & Passion (The Success Loop)

UPG Team March 17, 2023

“Welcome to the “Purpose & Passion” module of the Future You program! In this module, we’ll be building on the previous “Abundant Thinking” module and taking a deeper dive into your personal story to help you uncover your purpose and passions.

By the end of this module, you’ll have a clear understanding of what drives you and what truly matters to you. You’ll also have a tangible roadmap for your life, outlining your major achievements, milestones, and epiphanies.

We’ll start by reflecting on the 7 Levels Deep tool that we explored in the previous module. By examining our beliefs and motivations, we can gain clarity on what drives us toward success. From there, we’ll move on to creating our personal success loop. This will be a framework to help us define and measure success and to ensure that we’re always moving toward our goals.

Next, we’ll design your life’s table of contents. This is essentially a bullet-point roadmap of your life, outlining your major achievements, milestones, and epiphanies. We’ll use the Objectives and Key Results framework to create specific, measurable, and actionable goals that will help you achieve your desired outcomes.

“Before we continue with this module, let’s hit pause on this video and take some time to complete the success loop framework we just discussed which is found below. By taking action and defining our success metrics, we’ll be able to measure our progress and stay on track towards achieving our goals.”

Success Loop Tool

Welcome back to the module, we hope you paused the video and got that task done! It should be help with the rest of this module.

Next we’ll explore the power of storytelling and how to communicate our mission and vision effectively. We’ll use the Expert Secrets framework to help you craft a compelling story that resonates with your audience and makes them feel connected to your mission. By sharing your backstory, you’ll be able to create deeper connections with your clients, community, partners, and Dream 100 members.

Throughout this module, we’ll continue to emphasize the importance of an abundance mindset. This means focusing on the positive possibilities that lie ahead and believing that success is within reach. Your personal manifesto, which you created in the previous module, should serve as a constant reminder of this abundance and help you design your future in your mind.

To ensure that you’re moving towards your goals effectively, identify the skills, resources, and people needed at each step of your journey. Create a detailed plan of action that flows smoothly from one step to the next. Remember that your success is not only determined by your own efforts, but also by the network of people and resources that you build around you.

As you work on crafting your personal story and content marketing plan, consider using ChatGPT to input your past backstory, epiphanies, and other key details. By providing ChatGPT with this information, you can ask it to produce marketing plans and content ideas that are tailored to your unique journey. You can also use ChatGPT to repurpose existing content into different formats, such as social media posts, blog articles, videos, and more. This can save you time and help you produce high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

Here’s a guide that you can use to prompt ChatGPT:

  • Start by introducing yourself and your business, along with your mission and goals.
  • Provide a brief summary of your target audience and the main pain points that you’re trying to address.
  • Share any relevant information about your product or service that you want to highlight.
  • If you have any specific questions or ideas for content, include them here.

Next, ask ChatGPT to help you generate content or marketing plans based on your input. For example, you could say: “ChatGPT, can you help me come up with some ideas for blog posts that will resonate with my target audience?”

Then review the content that ChatGPT produces and provide any feedback or additional guidance as needed.

Remember to be as specific as possible when you’re prompting ChatGPT, and don’t hesitate to ask follow-up questions or request additional input as needed. With practice, you’ll become more comfortable using the platform and will be able to generate high-quality content and marketing ideas more efficiently.

If you’re a bit camera shy, or want to scale lots of content, then you can use an avatar like me who is teaching you now to deliver your content with tools like Synthesia.io. Add human touch at the start and end of these recordings.

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